Sustainability - Torsesa


Torsesa always applies strict quality controls in our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement in each initiative or action. Indeed, as a result of this quest for excellence, Torsesa was granted ISO 9001 certification in 2000. In the long history of our company, we have always endeavoured to offer a wide range of industrial solutions.


Industrial solutions in continuous improvement

Our unwavering commitment to talent and innovation has been critical to achieve this. We have always pursued one goal: ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

All our materials, products and industrial solutions are premium quality, and we only partner with the best national and international suppliers. Our suppliers, who have been officially certified, help us provide a comprehensive service.

All this work is conducted under the following certifications:

Additionally, we leverage any quality tool useful for our integral solutions service, including Lean Manufacturing, KAIZEN, POKE YOKE, Just in time, 5 S, etc. These are the key drivers pulling us towards continuous improvement, always aligned with our customers.


On the other hand, Torsesa contributes to the protection of the environment, making it an integral part of its responsibility towards society and its customers. Indeed, the environment is part and parcel of our corporate management.

The environmental aspects play a fundamental role in the choice of new technologies and in the relationships we maintain with our suppliers, to which we demand the same degree of compliance with legal requirements and with respect to the prevention of pollution.